While exploring rural villages in Morocco, we met with amazing craftsmen and artisans they were straggling to sell their exquisite handmade products in the local market. What caught our attention is the quality and the stunning designs of these products. the making takes weeks of hard work and labor to make, yet the artisans were so happy making them with love and passion.

After spending countless hours with the local craftsmen, it become obvious to us that were straggling financially and needed help to market their products, the are masters of their work but don't have the means to market it to the world.


This particular need got us inspired and motivated us to help the local craftsmen of our beloved country, by showcasing their products online. And for that reason the idea of ARTIZAN was born.


In a nutshell, ARTIZAN is an e-commerce marketplace specialised in handmade items and craft supplies.

It bridge the gap between consumers, seeking authentic products, and Moroccan artisans.



Our goal is to help local artisans reach the global markets, by providing the right resources, logistics and trainings, so that these crafters can have all the necessary tools to create an online presence without any hustle. We are creating a movement and a community that will spread happiness among thousands of local artisans and consumers around the globe.

Support the rural communities of moroccan artisans and order from us, we will make sure a smile will shine on your face when you receive your orders.